I don’t know what it means to be “happy”… Pleasure is not happiness. Because I kill pleasure – you know what I mean? I take too much of it, and therefore I make it non-pleasurable – like too much coffee, and you’re miserable. And I do that to pleasure often … there’s no pleasure that I haven’t actually made myself sick of. - Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Är nu inne på dag 3 av #Blogg100. Så här långt allt väl.



THE BELIEVER: You had that great line in your New Yorker profile, “Sometimes what people perceive as my smile is a grimace of pain.”

HAROLD RAMIS: That about sums it up. But part of my smile is also about how absurd it all is. I think I got in touch with that absurdity quite young. Sometimes it’s hysterical irony and sometimes it’s a painful irony. Life has all of these contradictory feelings and contradictory results. People spend their whole lives struggling to get what they think they want, and even if they get it, they find that it’s either not what they wanted, or it comes with so many unwanted consequences. We’re always shut off from pure joy. 

RIP Harold Ramis.

Somebody told a real life woman that her skin was too brown to play an imaginary creature. That basically in the whole fictional world of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, where you have dragons and trolls and talking trees, where you draw the line, where imagination is capped out, no more room, is for a brown hobbit.

Like firery eyeball thing, no problem but don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. That shit will blow your mind.

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fredrik asked:

Hello. Will Knowledge for Thirst, or at least the reviews within, ever go online again, or at least be available in a way, or format, in wich a person (such as me), could get a hold of them. And read. Them. Thank you and good bye.




All my sites got moved to a new server last year and that bungled things up real nice — K4T in particular since it was on Wordpress, a thing I should not be allowed to use. I have a backup of the database but my attempts to get it up and running again have so far ended in hot hissy tears.

But anyway the reviews weren’t lost forever, which is what I was afraid of (some of my all-time fave kfan writing is there), so yes it’ll be available again at some undefined point in the future.

I have tried to explain to Josh MULTIPLE times that the legend of K4T is only aided by it being offline, but whenever I call him he’s driving through a tunnel or past a shooting range or something

Det där var min fråga och jag är nöjd med svaret. Så länge det finns hopp, etcetera.

Tack för svaren, snubbar, även om ni inte lär förstå dessa rader!

Igår. Hittade det här i min väska. Ursprung är högst oklart, med tanke på att jag inte varit i London på den här sidan nyåret.


Någonting, bla bla,
jomensåatt, med mera
Och så vidare


Definition av
mig; sömnlös i Rinkeby
Dagarna går tungt


Min irritation
är stor, jag biter ihop
Biter tungan av